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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Met with the USAID, their focus at this time is on education, they will be piloting a program that will utilize an e-reader to promote literacy!! In addition, I met with the President of Ghana, John Evans Atta Mills, to discuss what the focus of the government is and how the empowerment of women fits into everything. He is very keen on sustaining the economic stability of his people.
When meeting with the UNICEF, I found that their focus is on nutrition, and ensuring that mothers are aware that the first 1000 days are critical to the development of a child.
When I went out to rural villages and saw the hard work that goes into an "average day" I was amazed. Going to the closet well and pumping water and then carrying it back on your head to the home is a struggle in itself. On top of this, it is an average of 80 degrees and very humid, I couldn't imagine having to do this.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Visit to Ghana

I touched down in Ghana and without missing a beat I headed out to see the natives.
During my visit, I was able to converse with some young women. One girl named Atta was 15 years old and since it was the middle of the day I inquired as to why she was not in school. She told me she was not in school because there was no money. She had come from her village to make money. Everyone here is an entrepreneur, everyone is selling something anywhere from bananas to water. It validates how our micro credit program would excel in Africa.

I also conversed with a 23 and 24 year old and asked if they were in college or school. They informed me that they had only finished secondary school, which in the United States is equivalent to Middle school. The reason for this was that there was no money to continue on to senior secondary school. In Ghana, the government offers free education through secondary education but a family begins paying at senior secondary. We need to teach the youth and families of the world to become independent and to strive on.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Latin America Visit

Went to Latin America back in the beginning of March.  Really trying to understand the culture and ways to help these women and children.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Interview: Stephanie Davis, Georgia Women for a Change, Fights for Anti-Trafficking Bill

House Bill 200, a comprehensive anti-trafficking bill in Georgia, passed through the House today, 168-1. It is now headed to the Senate. This bill has the potential to make a dramatic difference in how sex trafficking and labor exploitation is combated in the state. Stephanie Davis, the executive director of Georgia Women for a Change, agreed to speak with about the legislation, which her organization introduced. Previously, Davis worked as a Policy Advisor on women’s issues to Mayor Shirley Franklin, and as CEO of the Atlanta Women’s Foundation, where she helped pass a law that made the pimping and pandering of children a felony.