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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Five ways to induce confidence in young girls

“What the younger generation didn't understand was that the grass was greenest where it's watered..”

Most parents have thought about how to induce confidence in their children. As a parent you want the best life for your child and you always ponder on what to do and how to go about doing it. Bringing up a confident child is a learning process. Most people, even those seeming experts have a few clueless moments. It comes as a thought to everyone’s mind every now and then. It is even more difficult when we are handling a girl child. As a guardian or a parent to a girl child you will do your part on one hand and society will counteract the same. This is hardly an under statement as even now, 2015 you will still hear several incidents of gender bias and so on. It might come as a surprise to some people but still on this day and age the girl child is yet to be given the full rights as the boy child and are sometimes looked at in a different mentality in terms of equality of opportunity,place in society just to mention but a few as opposed to their male counterparts. Here are five ways you can boost a young girl’s confidence,

  1. Start early,
The earlier you start nurturing confidence in your daughter or a young girl in your responsibility, the better. Speaking encouraging words to them from when they are young to encourage them to be themselves can do a lot of good than you can ever expect. The earlier you start focusing on this the better as it it scientifically proven that from as early as 14 months kids can hear you and digest what you say,

  1. Show them love,
This seems like an obvious point but it is one of the things that brings out confidence in your child. Show no bias especially if they have siblings, male or otherwise. If you yell, ignore or make some other parenting mistake, give your child a hug and tell him or her you're sorry and you love her. Unconditional love will help build a strong foundation for confidence.

  1. Focus on their strengths,
You can simply focus on your child’s strengths by encouraging them to do what they are good at. Magnifying their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses can help mould their confidence and encourage them to do what they can do best even with more effort hence confidence.

  1. Reassurance and encouragement,
When they seem to be disappointed or have not done anything right. Strive to encourage them and reassure them in a positive way. They always know when they have not done things right and by handling it in a genuine way it will help them know their weaknesses and possibly improve on the same. Also this will be genuine and they will learn to embrace their mistakes and try again. This brings out confidence as opposed to holding on to the failures and giving up all together.

  1. Outdoor group activities and games

Interaction in group activities with other kids is also another way to boost your daughter’s confidence. Frequently doing activities such as camping will encourage your daughter to be more social and outgoing with her peers. This can start from a young age and can eventually result in her becoming a more social person as a result from social skills drawn from such activities.

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